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        RCF Asia-Pacific Sales Manager YOSHIYAMA Visited Our Company


        On February 28th, 2012, a day before Guangzhou Audio Exhibition, Mr. YOSHIYAMA came to China to visit our company from Italy. Our sales director Mr. Mai and Mr. YOSHIYAMA had deeply exchanged the ideas with each other and aimed at the 2011 cooperation summary and 2012 cooperation plan. Mr. YOSHIYAMA thought much of the cooperation with our company, and he had once again affirmed that our company had played a crucial role in the promotion and sale of Chinese region for RCF driver since 2005. Under the joint efforts, the sales achievement of our company had been growing rapidly in 2011, so both sides were satisfied.

        Looking farther forward to 2012, both sides would discuss on expanding more thorough and comprehensive all-round cooperation. Mr. YOSHIYAMA recognized our sales channels and sales platform of Chinese market, and he simultaneously recommended a more extensive cooperation in other business areas on the basis of the existing driver agent business. We believe that this trip of Mr. YOSHIYAMA will lay a more solid foundation on our beneficial cooperation in 2012!