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        Kunming—CHINA-SOUTH ASIA EXPO with DMX


        On June 6, the 1st China-South Asia Exposition was held in Kunming. That was the first time that it cooperated with DMX. The big event adopted our CLA Series, MX Series and VX Series.

        Approved by the State Council of the People's Republic of China, the China-South Asia Exposition will be cosponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the People's Government of Yunnan Province, China, while commercial authorities of South Asian countries are also invited for co-sponsorship. The China-South Asia Exposition grew out of the South Asian Countries Trade Fair, which took place for 5 consecutive years. The principle and theme of the 1st China-South Asia Exposition is Promoting All-round China-South Asia Cooperation and Development and Shared Opening-up, Pragmatic Cooperation, Mutual Benefits, and Harmonious Development respectively. The China-South Asia Exposition is expected to develop to a showcase for commodities deals, service trade, investment partnership, tourism cooperation and cultural exchanges, grow to a high-end and comprehensive exhibition, and become a bridge for the win-win cooperation between China and countries of South Asia, and a platform for China and South Asian countries to expand economic and commercial exchanges with other countries and regions.

        To ensure the perfect sound effect, our company provided our top audio equipment and sent the best technical personnel to stay there and carry on their debugging and maintaining. The superior product performance not only make our products successfully complete the Opening Ceremony, but also receive highly appreciated and affirmed from provincial and municipal leaders. The exhibition hall adopted 32 pcs of CLA line array speaker, 6 pcs of CLA-215B subwoofer, 4 pcs of MX-218 subwoofer, 38 pcs of VX-12 full-range speaker, 10 pcs of VX-10 full-range speaker and DXH Series amplifier, etc.