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        • 2013-05-25
          The 19th China (Beijing) International Expo on Pro Sound perfectly came to an end. The booth of DMX was located at 8B401 (No.8, B Exhibition Centre). The exhibition presented our representational products, such as the CLA-310 line array speaker, the HP Series, the KS Series and the D Series. More, it included the CLA-208P and the CLA-212P active linear speaker. A lot of visitors were interested in our products.
        • 2013-05-25
          What makes us move the most is the teamwork spirit. Every win of a strong team does not simply rely on the genius performance of one or two players. They show their strength by the overall coordination and teamwork. Even though a team lost in the game, but they won dignity because of their unremitting efforts. After six-month preparation, on February 24, our company held a football match in order to train the team spirit of our staff.
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