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        • 2013-05-25
          Hangzhou Global No.1 Club is the only one of seven-star entertainment club in China. It stands at the tallest building of Wulin Business Area in Hangzhou which is the local mark of Zhejiang Province. There are hundreds of luxurious rooms and about ten 150m2 rooms are with a good view over the lake. The Continuation of Hangzhou Global No.1 Club——Global Palace will soon be on show with DMX.
        • 2013-05-25
          During the Frankfurt Prolight + Sound 2012 , two of our directors were invited to the RCF principal office in Italy. They visited their manufacturing base and deeply discussed about the technology and business development with their professional engineers in factory.
        • 2013-05-25
          Dear customers: DMX professional sound reinforcement system contains the understanding of many professional senior engineers, and combines DMX’s complex and persistent of professional sound reinforcement equipment manufacturing technology. At the beginning of Spring Festival, we launched some new products as follows: FX Series speaker (suitable for bar) NX Series speaker (suitable for bar and KTV room) TX Series speaker (suitable fo
        • 2013-05-25
          The 10th China (Guangzhou) International Expo on Pro Soundlight & Enping Microphone 2012 has successfully drawn to a close on 3rd March, 2012. The bright and eye-catching booth of DMX attracted guests from different places, and they have obtained our product information and carefully consulted our engineers and salesmen about the product function parameters. Many clients were so interested in our new products——the VX Series and the MX Series. These two series products apply the fashio
        • 2013-05-25
          On May24, our excellent businessmen started their journey in Hangzhou. They went to the West Lake and enjoyed the beautiful nature scenery, in order to relieve the pressure in daily work.
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